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please check this out….listen…just press play!

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Drake beat is dope, with these lyrics this is a better hit! Listen guys!

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Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness.
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Lets Talk About Life Besides My Crazy, Emotional family.

Two topics I’d like to discuss, work and sex. Love and work? Either way it works right? Okay, I really just wanna talk about Nick and my job. The two in no way shape or form are connected. It’s just what my life is now, since I’ve  moved away from the family. 
Things since I’ve moved out have been a huge adjustment. Relocating and having to get to use to pooping when Nick is home was hard. Well, I guess not the pooping part. Lets be honest here, if I gotta poop, I’m gonna poop. Nick learned that fast, so his revenge…. Farting on me. It’s not the most romantic thing he can do… to be honest it disgust me to no end. But hey, we are comfortable with each other. Comfortably with someone can be scary in a way. This idea of being comfortable with someone seems to be forbidden in the world today. Getting comfortable could mean that person just doesn’t care that much about you anymore. Who the hell idea was that? Just because you’ve passed the dating stage and stopped going out every week doesn’t mean he cares about you any less. Childish thoughts is what I wrap that all up to be. Nick is my best friend. He cares about me, gives me good sex, and the occasional flowers on the way home from work isn’t too bad either. But it’s really not all of that. It’s the fact that he loves me with out saying it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think I was ready to move in with him, we were only dating for 6 months, but living here for the past three months validated that it was the right thing to do. I’ve never felt more loved by someone and their family. They all love me and I love them all. I do secretly wait for Nick to propose but then again I’m only 20 and don’t want it to happen anytime soon. Living with him is enough, I just want a really pretty ring. I don’t need the wedding. But thats far out in the future right now. Right now, I’m focused on us and really wanting to fuck him hard tonight. Sex is great with him Being so open and honest about things has made our sex life 100% better and it won’t keeps getting better. People think I’m a prude and I’m okay with that. No one will ever truly know what I’ve done and what I haven’t done, well because I don’t want other people thinking about Nick and I having sex. That is just fucking weird. I like to keep our intimate moments personal so we personally can think back while at work like damn, that was good___…you can fill in the blank. 
Speaking of work, maybe I should get to that.

Work…ugh. I hate you work. How I hate you. Oh work you’re fun, I love my co-workers. Oh I wanna go to work today.
Me everyday of my life, not knowing how I feel about work until the day has ended. Days can be hard, customers can be harder. It all depends on the day of the week, the sale and season. Thankfully we are slowing down and things are getting back to normal and I’m getting my department down. I have great ideas I’m putting into place and have been working on. I’m hoping to make my idea a company wide play and that it really puts me in the eyes of my Vice President of my Region so I can get promoted to making 85k year with out a college degree. Just putting the small pieces together and rolling it out soon. I really don’t wanna discuss work anymore. I have nick waiting up stairs for me. 

bye ;)

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Well yesterday…

Yesterday was the hardest night I’ve ever had in a while. I no longer live at home, which I’m thankful for. Due to all the drama between my parents getting a divorce and the family in general. Not living there has done good to me. Less over whelmed about things and things between Nick and I couldn’t be going better. Sadly, moving out doesn’t mean my phone stops with the drama. I can’t leave any where without having my phone on me. I keep the sound of it on while at work. One might think I’m obsessed with my iPhone, but sadly you’re mistaken. As I’ve said before, I wait in fear for a phone call that my mother has killed herself. Fortunately, yesterday wasn’t that exact call…Thank god. But the phone call was still bad. On the way to the other side of town, I wondered what exactly was going on. Calling everyone there 1,000 and 1 times… no answer. What was I going to see when I show up? Who knew… The mind likes to wonder when you’re ignorant. In most situations in my life, ignores is not bliss. As I approached the street I once called home, I prepared myself for the red and blue lights. The loud engine from the ambulance, people rushing every where. Well, the moment of truth hits when I turn onto the street. Nothing. Silent, peaceful night here on Boufard Ave. Ease past my house, door open as always, Mandy on the front lawn pooping. Called my sister a couple times before going in so I knew what I was walking into. No answer. Call 5 more times, again no answer. What the hell Tiff… Yeah. Well so far so good right? My worried self was over worked with thoughts. So mine as well go inside. So, I walk right in and see my mother on the couch, father at the island and my brother out of his room, odd. My brother never leaves his room, not even to brush his teeth when he wakes up. If it’s not a video game he does not care. Well, Mom’s on the couch balling her eyes out wishing death upon herself. Great. This is going to be a long night. Well shit hits the fan and I’m holding my mother down who is ready to jump up and slit her throat. Dad’s on the phone getting help. Things turned around one quick. One moment I’m sitting next to my mom telling her I love her and the next I’m holding her down because she feels no one loves her. Fantastic, just how I wanted to spend my night. Well worst case comes, my mother fights the police and ambulance people and get her down to the hospital. Where she is evaluated. But thats not the most fucked up part of the whole situation. My sister left in them middle of the ordeal and said, and I quote “Going out is more important”. Next my brother goes down but immediately makes me drive him back home because he doesn’t want to be there….Ungrateful assholes. Long story short after all of this, I get a phone call that my mother is being released from the hospital. How….. One should not let a person leave the crazy ward if one wants to kill herself and do harm to others. I guess I shouldn’t worry, It will only be a matter of time when she’s back in there. Oh mom, you drive me crazy. Drive me so crazy it’s only a matter of time until I’m like you.

I also don’t feel like going back and editing this post. lazy me. lol. Also, I could have make the middle to end a lot more interesting like i did in the beginning ..if i wanted to..but yet again ,lazy me. 

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already looking for my next tattoo to add to my thigh and i can’t decide . 

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